hair scrunchie

I used to take it out of my hair and squeeze it or fiddle around with it when I got nervous sometimes, silly but it actually worked. Something for your hands to do.

I’m not nervous.

You are a little nervous.

Okay, I’m a little nervous.

Alex! You know my family loves you already. My mom is practically your fanclub president.

Yeah, they like me, and we’ve met many times before but it’s different now. You and I are together and this is our first real dinner with them with you and I being together.

How is it different?

Well, for starters, before, I wasn’t sleeping with their daughter. I was just on tour with their daughter. Harmless.

And lucky for you I’ve already filled them in on all your bedroom kinks.

Ione James, don’t joke.

Sorry, sorry. Wow, you really are nervous aren’t you? It’ll be okay, baby.

Alright. Thank you. Now let’s get in there.

And if you need it, you now have the stress relieving scrunchie to help you out.