headband of daisies

They sit out in a field, a picnic basket by their sides. In the minds of two people who overanalyze it is amazing what a change of scenery and the promise of living in their vacation mode can do. Adorned in a headband of daisies made by a woman selling flowers, Ione places a hand on Alex’s arm as his hand moves to rest on her knee. They look out at the sun making its descent as they hold on a little bit tighter to each other. The vacation has solidified quite a few things for them, one thing being the necessity in appreciating moments, and this, this was a moment to remember forever. Solidified in a song that was penned that night and released a few months later.

Daisies, daisies perched upon your forehead
Oh my baby, lately I know
That every night I'll kiss you you'll say in my ear
Oh we're in love aren't we?
Hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs baby
I feel safe when you're holding me near
Love the way that you conquer your fear
You know hearts don't break around here