glitter eyeshadow palette

So you’ve got this glitter dress, glittery shoes, and now to top off the look you’ve got yourself glittery eye stuff too.

Eyeshadow, but yes. I have to make sure everyone sees me at all times. You know that.

It doesn’t hurt, stabbing your eye like that?

I’m not STABBING my eye, I’m gently beautifying it. You enjoying watching me do my makeup?

I sort of do, it’s kind of relaxing. I’m just going to settle right here on this counter and focus on you. Don’t mess up and keep stabbing your eye with your makeup.

I’m not stabbing it! I’m gonna stab you with it if you keep saying that, though.

I’m terrified.

You should be.

Okay, stop coming over here. Move back in front of that mirror. Ione. Get away from me with that torture device. Hey — hey! I — hahaha, NO, noooooo. Not the glitter! Anything but the glitter!