kitten stuffed animal

She is in his bedroom laying down after a fight, a stupid fight, and soon enough once he’s cooled down and he feels she might have as well he hangs out by the doorframe.

“Can I come in?”


“You’ve got a visitor.”

She looks up and then he takes out the stuffed animal kitten that she brought a couple of days ago. Mostly as a joke dealing with her desire to get a cat. Alex continues walking over until he sits on the bed, nudging her side with the plush toy. A low murmur of an ‘it’s okay’ escapes her lips so he nudges her with the plush toy again, this time moving it around her body.

“Okay? Just okay?” He sees the smallest crack of a smile on her lips and that’s his key to continue being ridiculous. “I’m going to need more than an okay from you right now, I want to hear it.” He kisses her back and then taps his fingertips along her body as she starts laughing, nudging him away.

“It’s fiiiiiine.”

“Fine? Fine!? I need more than fine.”

Now he’s turned her over as she swats him with a pillow and they laugh together.

“It’s all good, I promise! I prooooomise!”