ClickyAlex Milligan has been leading a double life

Alex Milligan has been leading a double life

NEWARK, NJ - In a turn of Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart events, it has been revealed that Alex Milligan is actually 34 year old Peter Sullivan from Newark, New Jersey. Documents have been forwarded to TMZ that reveal Milligan to have been a former ride attendant at the New Jersey boardwalk.

In the first press conference addressing these claims, Milligan speaks candidly. “I dropped out of school to work at the boardwalk. I was depressed, angry, and struggling with a candy addiction thanks to being around junk food all the time. A kid spat on my shoes and I just had enough. I ended up yelling at the kid and I got fired. I was too ashamed to tell anyone. When I got home, I was watching James Bond and I thought, man, that guy is so cool. He’s got gadgets. He’s got babes. He’s got an accent. I can fake the accent, that will hopefully bring me closer to the babes and the gadgets. The next channel I flipped to was a live concert of Coldplay and everyone was screaming for them. This is what I had to do, so I decided to go for it.”

Milligan moved to London, England. He perfected his British accent, aged himself down, bought a wig to get that "effortless just got out of bed look," made new connections without speaking too much of his past life in New Jersey, refined his singing voice and eventually got a record deal. He made up an elaborate backstory along the way, creating this entire new personality and name.

“He never thought he would get this much attention, but he feels truly sorry about what he did.” His manager was by Milligan’s side the whole time, interjecting when necessary.

“Now that his secret is out, he feels like it is the perfect time to put Alex Milligan to rest so that he can finally live his life as Peter Sullivan to focus on his wife and their son. Thank you for your time, and that is all.”