quit playing #milligames with my heart

NICK GRIMSHAW: Hello, hi and what's going on with everyone this lovely morning? Hopefully you're all well rested because we've got quite a show for you today. I've got my pal Alex Milligan here with me, he woke up early and everything to come and join us to co-host and let me tell you lads and ladies, his bedhead is shining through.
ALEX: Thank you for putting me on blast like that, I thought it really added to this whole experience. We get breakfast here, yeah? I haven't eaten yet.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Oh yeah, this is the breakfast show after all. Did you see the fans out there?
ALEX: Yeah, it's utter madness.
NICK GRIMSHAW: I posted a video on my Instagram, they were here since yesterday waiting.
ALEX: I saw them while coming in, it's awesome. I don't think they were waiting for me, though. Have you announced our other guest who is just about to walk in?
NICK GRIMSHAW: Oh, right. No big deal or anything but Ione James is also joining us in the studio, everyone! Come on down, Ione. Make yourself comfortable.
IONE: Thank you! I don't know if I can really get comfortable. Alex has already promised me he's going to torment me through this entire show, so I've been bracing myself for that.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Alex, such a bully. Don't mind him, think about all of those fans who've been waiting to see you and only you, according to Alex.
IONE: Have they really been out there since yesterday? It's freezing out there. Were they were told Beyonce's going to be here or something? They're going to be so disappointed when it's just me and Alex.
ALEX: Right? Were they misguided?
NICK GRIMSHAW: You're both so modest, no one's buying it.
IONE: Actually, I spoke with my mom last night, she's back in Nashville, and she was like, "don't forget to say hi to Alex for me! Don't forget, Ione! It's important!" like that would be my number one priority when I got here. So he's at least got one fan here.
ALEX: Hi, Amanda. I miss you.
IONE: That's enough.
NICK GRIMSHAW: We know you both have been running around with lots to do while you're here, so we figured this will be an opportunity for you to hang out, kick back, relax for a little bit. I won't be grilling you about the innermost details of your lives but I will be grilling you when it comes to each other in a little something we like to call, drumroll please, Quit Playing Milligames With My Heart!
ALEX: Oh, wow.
IONE: That was good.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Accost all of our Twitters with that hashtag, kids. Some of these games have points, some don't. You have to play because, well, you're here and I say so.


NICK GRIMSHAW: Here’s how this first game is going to work. I’ll read two lyrics, one will be Alex’s and one will belong to another artist, and you have to guess which one is his. Easy enough?
IONE: I hope so. It’ll either be easy or this will be the moment that reveals our entire friendship is a sham.
NICK GRIMSHAW: I would love to take credit for that revelation, but good luck. Okay, first up we’re going to do the Ione round. Are we ready?
ALEX: Yeah, are you ready Ione?
IONE: You’re going to be so mad at me if I don’t know any of these. I can feel it, I can already feel him judging me. But okay, let’s go. Let’s do this.
ALEX: I like that you’re already assuming you’re not going to know any of these. Shows what a good friend you are.
IONE: You know what I meant.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Now now, kids. Don’t make me turn this car around. Alright, down to business. Your first lyric, Ione: “Take my breath away, make every day worth all of the pain that I have gone through.” Got that? Here’s the second lyric: “Loving can mend your soul and is the only thing that I know.”
IONE: The second one is Alex’s, right?
NICK GRIMSHAW: That’s right.
IONE: I recognize the first one but I can’t place it. Oh God, this is so much more nerve-wracking than I thought it would be.
NICK GRIMSHAW: The second one is Radio Silence’s The Sun.
ALEX: That was from their first album right? I liked that one.

NICK GRIMSHAW: Round two. First lyric: “I shine different, I rhyme different, only thing you got is some years on me” versus “they say I’m up and coming like I’m f-ing in an elevator.” Ah, censoring this early in the morning. Always a good time.
IONE: You Need Me, I Don’t Need You! The second one!
NICK GRIMSHAW: That’s right. That’s an inspired lyric.
ALEX: You think so? Aw, shucks.
IONE: Let me tell you, he did that song every night when we were on tour together and I have a lot of pretty young fans, you know, and they LOVED that line. I would listen to the crowd and most of them would just be shouting over the rest of the verse and then that line comes up and the entire crowd, the whole arena is just screaming “up and coming like I’m f-ing in an elevator!” I have so many young fans and there are so many parents in my audience, I can’t imagine how much they must have loved that moment. He gained so many moms as fans.
ALEX: I tried so hard to mutter that line or just run through it fast, too. At least in the beginning. There was that moment of looking out at the crowd and thinking about my choices…
IONE: And then you just decided to go for it, like, it is what it is this is my song I’m not censoring it.
NICK GRIMSHAW: As the thirteen year old stares at her mum confused, wondering what it all means.
ALEX: Look, don’t make me feel bad now!
IONE: You should feel bad. So bad.
ALEX: Why didn’t you fire me from tour, then?
IONE: Contractual obligations.
NICK GRIMSHAW: You mustn’t be contained, Alex.
ALEX: See, Ione? He says I shouldn’t be contained.

NICK GRIMSHAW: Next we have “went from sleeping at a subway station to sleeping with a movie star” versus “there is only one carrot and they all gotta share it.”
ALEX: Wow, you went there.
NICK GRIMSHAW: If you’re listening and not watching the stream, you can’t see it right now, but Ione’s got her mouth covered heaving like she can’t breathe. We might need to call emergency services.
ALEX: Both of those lyrics are golden I’m not sure why she looks so shocked.
NICK GRIMSHAW: I can already feel the strongly worded email from both of your management teams coming our way, that’s what we get for not pre-screening any of these.
IONE: No, no, I just… these are making me worried about which of my lyrics you’ve picked out.
ALEX: Colour me excited.
NICK GRIMSHAW: You know the answer, then?
IONE: It’s the one about sleeping with a movie star. He just has such high aspirations, doesn’t he?
ALEX: I strive to really outdo myself. What time is it? We ought to move on, right? I think so.
NICK GRIMSHAW: No, no. Let’s talk about this. That’s a pretty big jump, innit?
ALEX: This coffee is delicious.
IONE: You’re getting kind of red over there, pal.
ALEX: Time for Ione to guess another lyric, yeah?

NICK GRIMSHAW: You’re three for three so far, Ione.
IONE: I can’t wait to rub this in his face when he doesn’t get any of mine right.
ALEX: You bite your tongue, all this negativity’s going to cloud your mind.
NICK GRIMSHAW: So you’ve got no faith in Alex, huh?
ALEX: Typical, really.
NICK GRIMSHAW: This is the last one. You might’ve just jinxed yourself.
IONE: I probably did.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Alright, here it is. “every damn show I’m taking their ears on a journey like I'm flying overseas with van Gogh” versus “I’m just like Skins, I work better in the UK.”
IONE: Oh, crap. I have no idea.
NICK GRIMSHAW: So you did jinx yourself. You don’t know?
ALEX: This one’s pretty tough, actually.
IONE: No! No! That’s not my answer, I’m thinking. Let me think!
ALEX: Should we hum the Jeopardy theme?
NICK GRIMSHAW: We should have included a timer.
IONE: That would be even worse, I’d have an egg timer ticking at me like a soundtrack to my failures. This is too much pressure. The second one? The one about the UK?
NICK GRIMSHAW: That’s it, that’s your final answer?
IONE: That’s my final answer. Maybe. No! Okay, it is.
NICK GRIMSHAW: That’s actually Hoodie Allen’s Flipping Out.
IONE: What? What song is the other lyric from?
ALEX: That was part of the EP I did with Yelawolf, ironically called You Don’t Know/For...Bleep's Sake. Trying to keep it PG here. Ironic and all since, well, you don’t know.
IONE: That was a trick! You lulled me into a false sense of security with three easy ones and then threw that at me!
ALEX: You’ve really outdone yourself with choosing some of these, they’re very special.
NICK GRIMSHAW: All in a day’s work, my friend. We’re trying to expose everyone to some of the grittier lyrics that don’t have to do with what an adorable Englishman you are. We’re here to bring the facts, not just the sweet nothings about how you’re going to love until you’re 70. Three out of four isn’t that bad, Ione. your friendship didn’t turn out to be a total sham.
IONE: No, it’s still a sham. It’s just a sham where I happen to know some of his lyrics, but obviously not all of them. Total sham.
ALEX: Yeah, total sham. I expected more from you.
IONE: Let’s just see how you do.

NICK GRIMSHAW: Are you ready, Alex? Ione only got one wrong so in order for you to be considered the better friend you need to get all four right, otherwise you'll just be tied and that's no fun. Think you can handle it?
Alex: Oh I can definitely handle it, I'm ready as I’ll ever be. Let’s have it. I've got this in the bag.
IONE: You can’t handle it. You’re all talk.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Alright, folks. Defining moment in this friendship is about to begin. First lyric is “you were never a saint and I’ve loved in shades of wrong.” lyric two is, "you were my hometown when my heart was filled with loneliness."
ALEX: Ah come on, mate. That’s an easy one. First one is Ione’s. State of Grace.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Oh, showoff time is it? That was immediate, is this one a favourite of yours?
IONE: He doesn’t have favorites of mine. He loves them all too much to choose just one.
ALEX: I like that one but that was also one of the songs she played while we were on tour together so I would have deserved a proper smack in the face if I didn’t get it right, I would have allowed you both to slap me right here right now.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Can Ione and I still take you up on that? Maybe some early morning violence will boost up the ratings even more.
IONE: You can smack him, I’m going to let him have this victory. It’s his payoff for sitting through every show having to wait for his cue for the Everything Has Changed duet. He had to do that every night, and now it wasn’t for nothing.

NICK GRIMSHAW: We're starting strong, let's see how you continue. Lyric one is “drive my heart into the night, you can drop the keys off in the morning" “ Lyric two is “I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt.”
ALEX: And when we go crashing down, we come back every time ‘cause we never go out of style.
NICK GRIMSHAW: We all got a two second snippet of Alex Milligan singing a certain song by a certain musician. Who and which song would that be?
ALEX: That would be Ione James with her new single Style, Nicholas Grimshaw. Lyric number two is all hers.
IONE: I feel like you’re giving him easier ones than you gave to me. Where’s my Thinking Out Loud lyric?
NICK GRIMSHAW: He’s redeemed himself with this one being right.
ALEX: Ione’s good girl faith is still intact.
NICK GRIMSHAW: I think the listeners would be disappointed to know she is not, however, wearing a tight little skirt.
ALEX: It’s freezing outside, I think the listeners would want her to be properly ready for London.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Can an American ever really be properly ready for London?
ALEX: With her good girl faith, anything is possible.
IONE: My good girl faith which doesn’t extend to you guys or this rigged, Alex-favoring quiz, and tight little… pants? Trousers! I meant trousers. I forgot I can’t just go around talking about my pants here. Let the record show I was not referring to my underwear. This entire interview has really gone downhill.
NICK GRIMSHAW: On the contrary, this interview is really informational.

NICK GRIMSHAW: Next set of lyrics. “She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress.” the second one is, "got a full tank of gas and the money out the mattress, got a real good feelin’ something bad about to happen."
IONE: Oh God. Oh God, no.
ALEX: Are you sure one of those is an Ione lyric?
NICK GRIMSHAW: According to my trained team of researchers which is really just me and Matt Fincham, that’s a yes. You at a loss here, Alex? Try and check up on that Ione encyclopedia in your brain to see if you can remember something.
ALEX: Oh man, I am at a loss right now and I wanted to get a full streak of excellence for this game. Is there a lifeline? Can I call a friend? Ask the lyricist of the tune who’s sitting right next to me for a hint?
NICK GRIMSHAW: No lifeline’s, mate. Just you and your lyrical knowledge that you boasted about.
ALEX: Okay. The...second is one of Ione’s lyrics?
NICK GRIMSHAW: Is that your final answer?
ALEX: Final answer. I’m not completely sure on this one but I think I’ve got it right.
NICK GRIMSHAW: You think…wrong.
ALEX: What! No. Wait, what song is that? What album? Really?
NICK GRIMSHAW: According to the researchers mentioned just a few moments ago, it is a song called Better than Revenge off the Speak Now album released in 2010.
ALEX: That’s a strong statement, Ione. You want to talk about it? Wait, read them again? That was fantastic.
IONE: Don’t read it again!
NICK GRIMSHAW: Ione is positively dying right now, look at her face. For those of you not watching the stream, you can watch her in all her embarrassment on the site in just a few minutes when the video is up. You look great in pink, Ione.
ALEX: She clearly just meant what most of us do on the mattress…watch loads of films in our pj’s while eating too much candy.
IONE: Maybe she’s a mattress jumping champion, you don’t know. Look, I wrote it a long time ago, I’ve learned a lot since then. Oh my God, let’s move on.

NICK GRIMSHAW: This really is a defining moment, you guys. Ione's three out of four, you're two out of four right now so if you get this one right you're tied but if you get it wrong, she wins. Pressure's on. First lyric is, “I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you” second lyric is, “get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now, that's what you get for waking up in Vegas.”
ALEX: Ah, man. Another twist in the road for me. See, I really want the first one to be Ione’s but then I also want the second one to be hers because that’s just what I envision her writing about. You’ve got people singing about going absolutely nuts in Vegas, you’ve got The Hangover films dedicated to guys who can barely recover from their drunken haze of a trip but I like the idea of Ione singing about shaking glitter off herself casually like, whatever, it’s just Vegas y’all I didn’t marry a stripper but I do have decorative glitter, ya heard?
IONE: Can you do that southern accent again?
ALEX: Flowers? For me? Why I do declare Mr. Beaugard...you. Are. My. Hero.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Ace Ventura quote in the studio, very nice. That’s absolutely becoming a gif. Do you not think she has it in her to fight dragons, Alex? Is that what it is?
ALEX: No, no! It’s not that. I dunno, though. I don’t know if it’s something she would include in a song, though I feel like we’ve had vivid conversations about actually being in situations where things like dragons, aliens, dinosaurs and mermaids are involved, yeah?
IONE: No comment here, you’re not getting the answer out of me. You have to choose one.
ALEX: Well on the other hand, I can see where she’d be coming from with the second lyric. It sort of sounds her style, too.
NICK GRIMSHAW: BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show: giving an existential crisis to all our guests.
ALEX: I’m gonna go with…the second one.
NICK GRIMSHAW: You are…incorrect.
ALEX: Oh, screw it. I knew I should’ve went with the first. What does intention count for?
NICK GRIMSHAW: Absolutely nothing in this game, I’m afraid.

NICK GRIMSHAW: That's three out of four for Ione and two out of four for Alex. Ione James, you are our winner. We got her a present to prove it. You get season one of Friends on DVD with a sticky note that Matt just wrote up saying that you are the better friend. How about that?
ALEX: What do I get for my good effort?
IONE: That’s your idea of good effort?
NICK GRIMSHAW: The feeling of anguish, regret and frustration. Maybe if you're nice, Ione will let you watch Friends with her so you can see how it's done.
IONE: No, he’s not invited. I’m going to watch it with my real friends. And that doesn’t include you or Matt, either, Nick. You’re all on my list. I’ll be watching you.
NICK GRIMSHAW: You hear that, listeners? Things are getting real in the studio this morning. If I turn up missing, you’re all my witnesses.


NICK GRIMSHAW: Next up, this is a nice section we've got where you both need to scroll through your phone and find an out of context text the other sent in the past few days. No need to explain, just read.
IONE: I know exactly which one I'm going to use, let me just find it first.
ALEX: How do you know that already? That means it's bad.
IONE: Okay, I've got it.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Ready when you are, go ahead and introduce it for us.
IONE: This is a real live text message I received from Alex Milligan. Here it goes. "If you happened to find yourself caught on top of a tree, most likely because you climbed it trying to save a kitten and didn't think that plan through, I would attempt to save you and the kitten and then probably fail so I'd wander off to grab the firemen since apparently their job includes saving Ione's and kittens. While I was off doing that, probably getting sidetracked by food and happy hour, you'd manage to get down from the tree with the kitten purring around you and I'd come back an hour later with the firefighting squad and you'd just be all, 'don't worry Alex, I got this covered' which I appreciate."
ALEX: Look, that was--
NICK GRIMSHAW: Ah, ah! No context! That's the whole point. Have you got one ready for us yet, Alex?
IONE: Yeah, do you have one even though it won't be as good as mine was?
ALEX: Got it. Guys and gals, this is a text message from Ione James. "I forgot to tell you when I fell asleep last night I had a dream that I was invited to a party Beyonce was hosting and when I got there I wasn't on the guest list, so I demanded they let me look at it and it was just your name on like ten different pages over and over...what do you think that means?"
NICK GRIMSHAW: You both are a bit weird, you know that?
ALEX: I get that sometimes.
IONE:I get that all the time.
ALEX: It's one of the reasons we get on so well.
IONE: That's probably true.

NICK GRIMSHAW: This one needs no grand explanation, it's pretty straightforward. I'm going to give you scenarios that start with 'most likely to..." and you each need to fill in the gaps of who is most likely to do what's been said out of the two of you. Easy enough, right? Let's have a go at the first one. Who is most likely to take over the world?
IONE: I think that'd be me, not because I'm more qualified or anything but because I think Alex is too lowkey and chill to lord over humanity. I'd be, like, bossing everyone around and he'd be like "guys chill, let's all sing around a campfire."
ALEX: I would've said Ione as well because of similar reasons, actually. She knows how to get things done in a more rounded way than I do where I'm just kind of there in a corner like "guys...so uh....let's talk about the world domination plans, alright? come on now, everyone get together" meanwhile she rolls in throwing demands and everyone's too scared to tell her any different.
IONE: Is this your way of saying I'm too bossy?
ALEX: I'm saying you're a very powerful and skilled ruler, take it in stride.

NICK GRIMSHAW: Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse?
ALEX: D'you know what? this one's making me think a lot. I'd really like to survive so I said me.
IONE: Okay, but the question is most likely to survive not who wants to survive, I want to survive too.
ALEX: Hey now. I haven't finished explaining yet. I think i'd survive because I'd blend in and do a good enough job at pretending to be a zombie that they wouldn't even realise. I can walk really slow and grunt a lot.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Well, alright. That's very crafty of you, Alex. might have to check out acting next. What's your answer, Ione?
IONE: I think we'd both be doomed. I'm sorry, Alex. I just can't imagine either of us making it through that. I'm telling you now, I'd be a goner right away. I watch the walking dead, I could never do it. The infant on that show has a higher survival rate than I would.
ALEX: Look, I'll teach you how to survive it'll be okay. You can survive with us, Grimmy. Just join my team.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Do you mean your A Team?
ALEX: Ooooh, clever. Never heard something like that before.

NICK GRIMSHAW: Most likely to sob while watching a romcom?
IONE: I... me? I'm a real crier, I cry over everything. Everyone I know makes fun of me for it. It takes next to nothing to get the waterworks flowing.
ALEX: Ione. 100% completely Ione. This was tailor made for Ione. A few weeks ago we were hanging out and I walk away for a couple of minutes to grab food and when I come back, she's like, hunched over her laptop crying and shaking somewhat.
IONE: Oh my god, are you really going to do this?
NICK GRIMSHAW: I'm curious to see where this story is going.
ALEX: From the way she was so distraught I'm thinking she must have gotten some horrible news about a family member, I thought it was really bad with her reaction so I walk on over and she just look at me, tears fully streaming down her face, and she goes "the dogs....and the cats....and the babies. Together. They just love each other so much and I love them all." Now I'm thinking she's gone a bit mad, but once she calms down she shows me this 11 minute compilation video of animals getting reunited with their owners after not seeing them for a while.
IONE: Look, I'm an easy cry, but it's really touching. Pretty much anything involving animals will get the waterworks going but you have people who haven't seen their dogs in months or years getting the most enthusiastic, loving greeting and I'm done.
NICK GRIMSHAW: I understand you, Ione. I've got some of those videos favourited when I need a good cry. Some people just don't get us.

NICK GRIMSHAW: Most likely to end up on Geordie Shore?
ALEX: Erm, neither of us.
IONE: Can I even end up there? I'm American, would I be allowed?
NICK GRIMSHAW: You're allowed because you're an international icon to us Brits. Guys I hate to tell you but you've got to say someone.
ALEX: Alright, I choose you.
IONE: Yeah, I agree.

NICK GRIMSHAW: Most likely to lose their wallet during a night out?
IONE: Maybe Alex, I've never actually lost my wallet so I don't feel like there's a precedence for me being likely to...
ALEX: Me. definitely me. I always end up losing something after a night out when I've had one too many. I'm that person.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Can't be tamed there, eh Alex?
ALEX: Oh yeah, when I take a break from hanging out in my flat drinking tea and watching movies and venture outside it's on.
IONE: Oh my god, that reminds me of that time when you lost your glasses!
NICK GRIMSHAW: Ah, yes. He's sporting glasses for us today as well. You look so intellectual, Alex.
ALEX: It's how I throw people off.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Do go on, Ione.
ALEX: I already know what story she's going to get at...oh boy.
IONE: We were hanging out after one of the red tour shows, I think we were in...Tampa? Wait, no. Atlanta.
ALEX: Yeah, Atlanta.
IONE: Alex over here spent the entire night sticking with his southern accent and then suddenly as we were leaving he proclaimed that he couldn't find his glasses and all of us were looking for like 15 minutes until suddenly he's trying to shuffle all of us out like "no guys, it's fine, it's okay, i'll get another pair it's not big deal I don't even wear them every day let's all head out" so of course I won't let this go and i'm all, 'No Alex! we are finding your glasses! We will do this! Never give up!' and then he slowly pulls them out of his pocket all broken like, '......I found them a couple of minutes ago.'"
NICK GRIMSHAW: So really he doesn't always lose things, he fake loses them for attention and to show who's really devoted to him
IONE: Exactly.
ALEX: No, no, no. I didn't realise I had them in my pocket the whole time and I felt like such an idiot for not realising sooner.
IONE: Likely story.


NICK GRIMSHAW: It's time for the moment of truth, where we get going on the hard facts that you both should know about each other. I'm going to go ahead and ask you each some questions about the other person. Starting with you, Alex. What is Ione's middle name? Ione, do you think he'll get this?
IONE: If he doesn't I might have to rethink the state of our friendship because i know his middle name.
ALEX: Look you nonbelievers, I've got this.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Alright, Alex. go on then.
ALEX: Her middle name is Ophelia.
NICK GRIMSHAW: VERY GOOD, ALEX. Wow, Ione. that's one fancy name. You sure you aren't actually snobby British royalty with a middle name like that?
IONE: I mean, anything is possible right?

NICK GRIMSHAW: Right. Next one is for Ione, what's Alex's brother's name?
IONE: Oh, that's easy. that's easy. You're not even challenging me, it's James.
NICK GRIMSHAW: That is probably easy for you to remember, we handed you that one. Have you met him?
IONE:I have, i've met the entire Milligan clan. They're all cooler than Alex.
ALEX: That's not the first time I've heard that, I'm getting a complex because of it.

NICK GRIMSHAW: It's alright, we at BBC radio think you're cool. Can you name one of Ione's closest friends?
ALEX: Is this not including me? I can't say myself, right?
NICK GRIMSHAW: Well, now that you've said it...
IONE: Who says you're one of my closest friends?
ALEX: Wishful thinking, clearly. I just want to be accepted.
ALEX: Hmmmmm. Let's see here.
IONE: Are you trying to stretch out time or did you have an answer?
ALEX: Do you see this? that was very forceful
NICK GRIMSHAW: Well, she does have a point. Let's hear your answer then. Name one of ione's closest friends
ALEX: Dani, I choose Dani.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Ione, is that correct?
IONE: That is correct.

NICK GRIMSHAW: Ione, it's your turn now. What soft drink did Alex become obsessed with while touring in America?
IONE: Oh, unless this has changed, it was orange crush. He was obsessed with Crush. I remember this because -- I usually drink Diet Coke, it's is my pop drink of choice, but I also really like orange Fanta so we had a small orange soda war going on for most of the red tour. It became this big thing, we were like, we were conducting taste tests among the crew. We never really got a conclusive answer though because we were too busy arguing with each other.
ALEX: Okay, this one isn't fair because I basically had this obsession while on tour with her so she clearly knows of it hence getting it right.
IONE:Look, unless you've come over to the Fanta side, I don't care. this is a lot of product placement, isn't it?
NICK GRIMSHAW:This is the most serious I've ever seen anyone get about soft drinks.

NICK GRIMSHAW:It's time, my pals. You're both tied so now it's on to the tiebreaker round. We've got a question that'll name one of you the winner of this round. Ione, are you ready?
IONE: So ready.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Alex, are you ready?
ALEX: Even more ready.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Alright. You two wrote a duet together, Everything Has Changed. That duet also has a music video. How many hits does that video currently have on Youtube as of the last time we checked just a few minutes ago?
IONE:This isn't really a question about us knowing each other, is it?
NICK GRIMSHAW: Ione, let's stick to me ask the questions alright. I'm the professional here. Think on it for a minute and then let's have your answers.
ALEX: I say...90,000,000? Maybe?
NICK GRIMSHAW: What have you got, Ione?
IONE:Three. Me and both of our mothers.
ALEX: Aiming a little low there, aren't you Ione?
IONE: I'm terrible at this game because when I have no idea I'm just like, "yeah Ione, make a bad joke. That'll soften the blow of losing. You can't fail if you don't try!"
NICK GRIMSHAW: That's an excellent life lesson for the children at home. The actual answer is...113,499,208. That makes you the winner of this round, Alex.
ALEX: Awwwww yes. I'm not an utter friendship failure.
NICK GRIMSHAW: As your prize, Alex, you get a CD. "My Little Pony - Songs of Friendship and Magic."
ALEX: Wow, this is just beautiful. I'll cherish it forever.
IONE: I'm a little jealous of your gift.
NICK GRIMSHAW: You two can swap once Alex has listened to the CD and Ione finishes watching Friends. Thanks for stopping by, guys! Now get on out of here.
ALEX: Thanks, mate. It's always a good time.
IONE: Yeah, let's do this more often.
NICK GRIMSHAW: Sure, when you're both not busy traveling around the world. Alright, listeners. Thanks for hanging out this morning and if you want to check out the video of all of this nonsense it's now posted on the BBC1 Radio website. Next up, we've got The Official Chart with Clara Amfo so be sure to stick around.