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    guys what if we get an ionelex christmas proposal?

    they spend their christmas together in a beautiful cabin and just as they're snuggling in front of the fireplace their families come out and ione is surprised to see them but that's exactly when alex would get down on one knee. he'd say he can't imagine life without her and that the only thing that's going to make christmas better this year is if she would say yes to marrying him

    i will also settle for a nye proposal

    televised. in front of all of us. he knows how much her fans mean to her and his fans mean a lot to him too. he would tell the world that this is his girl and he is madly in love with her and he wants to stop hiding. he wants to show the world how much he loves her, that he will always be there for her, that he can be the prince to her princess. he is the man she has been waiting for. he wants to show her how much she means to him. fireworks start, crowd goes crazy, 3...2...1...happy new year & they kiss in front of everyone and then he gets down on one knee and says, "ione james i've loved you as my best friend, i've loved you as my girlfriend, and i promise to love you as my wife. will you marry me?" oooooooomg don't touch me i;m CRYINGKkgf
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    Alex Milligan & Ione James: The Full 2015 Timeline

    In case you missed it, check out our full timeline of Ione & Alex's relationship this year!
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    remember this picture of giahotvarez meeting alex in nashville a few days ago? i've been trying to figure out why he would be in nashville without ione or how someone would see him and not her if she was with him because hoW COULD YOU IGNORE IONE IF SHE'S RIGHT. THERE. HOW COULD YOU HOW how How HOW????//

    and then i saw these

    and i felt RELIEF but i still want to know HOW???? and this person doesn't even care that they were in the SAME STORE. AS ALEX AND IONE. WHILE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. oh my GODDd
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    alex and ione are literally the pumpkin spice latte of celeb relationships

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    um is this what ione is getting...

    Angie: You get some tonguin in there, right?
    Charlamagne: Some tonguin’? The fuck you talking about with that shit?
    Angie: I’m just saying. Alex, you go down on a girl, right?
    Alex: Of course. Gotta do it right.
    Angie: No issues with that? Some guys, you know, they just want a blowjob and then they get right to fucking without paying attention to the girl.
    Alex: So the guys who don't give a shit unless they get off, yeah?
    Angie: Exactly! They don’t know how to give a girl what she wants, they just want theirs.
    Alex: That's crap. I think what makes going down a girl even better is the reactions you get. The excitement of it all, her noises, the squirming around, the tugging on anything close by. Knowing that you’ve made her so hot and bothered that she can barely contain herself, you just want to keep going at it. Charlamagne: Damn, I’m taking some notes over here.
    Angie: Is it me or is it hot in this room?
    DJ Envy: That’s just downstairs talking


    Charlamagne: See, I fuck with the biting. The biting’s good shit.
    Alex: Yeah, the biting is good shit when done right.
    Charlamagne: Don’t fucking dig your teeth in me like I’m a steak, but you know what I mean.
    Alex: The teeth grazing kind.
    Angie: Alex Milligan, you aren’t such a good boy are you?
    Alex: I’m a very good boy, Angie. What are you talking about? Respectable man right here.
    Angie: Well, somewhat respectable.
    Alex: Somewhat respectable. I’ll take it.


    Howard Stern: My wife likes to make out, and look at her then look at me, I’m going to make out with her any goddamn time she asks me to but the thing is she says I’m getting boring with the way I kiss her. You got any tips for me?
    Alex: Shoulder kisses are a good way to start.

    omg i didn't expect this, get dat diq ione
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    ione not so casually wearing alex's shirt a few weeks ago. y'all didn't believe me but i come with proof! the reason we couldn't find the insta picture of alex wearing it is because it was from owen's instagram which was private for a while but it's public again and the picture of their boys night out from march is right here and what do you know? alex is in the back behind logan and that's clearly the same exact shirt. CASE CLOSED. just friends though, right? ;)
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    ione & alex: past quotes about each other

    ALEX: No, no. We're not dating. She's a great friend of mine and I value the friendship we've got.

    IONE: Writing was the foundation of our friendship. We had a very natural creative rapport, and we kind of got to know each other through it.

    ALEX: Of course she's a beautiful girl, she's incredible, so talented, a really genuine friend. It's amazing what she's been able to accomplish. There are no limits to where she can go.

    IONE: [on choosing support acts] I really just wanted someone I could stand to spend several months with in unfamiliar locations. We've become pretty good friends, so we actually hang out in our downtime.

    ALEX: It's even more fun when you get to tour with your friends. Ione and I get on really well and when she brought up the idea of touring together I said yes right away without even going through my manager or anything. I knew I had to do it but more than that I wanted to do it. I knew it was going to be an amazing experience, there would be some more exposure to a set of fans who were sort of familiar with my music but not entirely, and I get to drive her and her crew a little crazy with some of the antics I pull on them. It's great.

    IONE: No matter who I hang out with or what the nature of our relationship is, the media always wants to spin it like I'm trying desperately to make them fall in love with me. Alex hasn't been an exception to that, but I think the fact that we've been hanging out openly for this long without anything ever coming of it speaks for itself.
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    as much as i love ione and always will, this "ionelex" shit is really beginning to make me lose respect for her

    i have ALWAYS defended her against the people who said she used her relationships for publicity by writing about them, but now seeing her in a pr relationship is making it hard to keep sticking up for her. it's also sickening how so many people on tumblr are buying into it. all you're doing is encouraging someone to stay closeted

    and before i start getting a bunch of hate, think about it. this whole "ionelex" show started when? right after the bad blood promo. ione took scout as her date to the billboards, too much attention was put on them, and ione needed a way to divert the attention. alex was an easy choice because they're friends, he's a big name himself and people have already paired them together. it gives him a boost by being seen in a relationship with someone as successful as ione because together they're a power couple, they've had so much publicity from this already, they're calculated with what news gets leaked and won't confirm it because it generates more buzz if people are trying to figure it out. it's a win for both of them. you know who it isn't a win for? scout.

    i don't know how scout puts up with it because it has to be really hard to watch the person you love putting on a show with someone else while not acknowledging her feelings for you. i'm sure they talked about it and decided it was for the best but idk, i hate watching what ione is doing to her and i hate watching everyone act like ione and alex are the best couple to ever hit the internet. i think ione needs to stop hiding the truth from her fans for us, for scout, and for herself.

    don't try to come at me with shit about who scout could allegedly be dating either, i can only handle being angry about one pr relationship at a time.

    and tag your ionelex shit, i blacklisted it for a reason. and while you're at it have some respect and keep it out of the scione tag.
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    newest submissions: ionelex edition
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    Alex Milligan & Ione James keep quiet about the state of their relationship!

    We love having Alex and Ione on the morning show, we have loads of fun with them, but this time it seemed like they both had a lot less to say when it came down to the question of are they or aren't they. Alex was in the studio while on tour in Melbourne on December 6th and Ione was in the studio while also on tour in Melbourne (coincidence much?) on December 10th. Check the videos below or read the transcript. We talked to Alex first and then caught up with Ione and played her a part of Alex's interview. What do you think? Are they or aren't they? - Dan & Steph

    DAN: Speaking of new things, you and Ione James seem to be spending a whole lot of time together. Are you two having fun?
    ALEX: We always have fun.
    STEPH: Are you having fun being in a relationship together?
    ALEX: Steph, Steph, Steph.
    STEPH: Alex, Alex. Alex. Don't give me that look! Hey, I've got to ask these hard hitting questions. The people want to know.
    ALEX: Let's answer some calls and see what else the people want to know, yeah?
    STEPH: Clever boy.
    ALEX: Only when I've had my coffee.
    DAN: Well, you two keep doing your thing.
    STEPH: Yes, please do. We're fond of it.
    ALEX: You guys are something else, aren't you?
    DAN: That's why the big names come to us, we shake them up while they shake it off.

    DAN: So, Steph really wanted to talk about this. We had Alex Milligan on the show a few days ago...
    IONE: Oh boy.
    DAN: ...and we asked him about you.
    STEPH: He didn't seem to want to talk about it, we were hoping you would.
    IONE: I think I'm alright, actually.
    DAN: We should play the clip.
    STEPH: Yeah, let's play the clip for context.
    IONE: No, that's --
    [the clip plays]
    DAN: At least he said you're having fun, right?
    IONE: Yeah, which is nice, since I'm not having fun right now.
    STEPH: Aw, come on. We're just trying to give the audience what they want. We received a lot of questions about the two of you from listeners leading up to your appearance here.
    IONE: Did you receive any questions about the tour? That's a good topic. My final three shows, right here in Melbourne.
    STEPH: Any chance we'll see a guest appearance from Alex at one of those shows?
    IONE: I admire your tenacity.
    DAN: Not enough to give us anything, though, right?
    IONE: Nope.
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    less talk about alex and ione more talk about alex and vico
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    what if mava was the one who set ione and alex up??

    I MEAN THINK ABOUT IT ione and alex have been friends for years without anything happening until this year. if the rumors are true then when did they start dating? around the time ione would have been hanging out with mava for the bad blood video.

    everyone knows they're all friends, mava knows alex, alex is friends with nico, ione is obviously friends with mava blahblah and everyone knows that mava's one tru calling is smacking people in the face with her infinite wisdom

    SO WHAT IF it was mava who finally SPOKE ON BEHALF OF ALL OF US OUT THERE


    i don't care if it's not even real this is what i'm choosing to believe and no one can take that away from me
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    everything has changed...or has it?
    i know everyone is freaking out about all the new ionelex stuff that comes out but what if, AND STAY WITH ME HERE, but with if they've been dating all along? we know they met back in 2011 and they wrote songs together which led to ione putting everything has changed on her album but what if there's more to it and the song was actually written by each other for each other? it would be pretty brilliant, don't you think? they meet and instantly fall in love but alex is at this amazing point in his career with his album + and ione is still at the top of her game so they don't want to ruin it by letting the paparazzi know what's really going on. what do they do instead? date in secret and go through various "relationships" with other people so that the media will think they're obviously just friends because they have been seen with other people and they date other people when in reality all those people are coverups and they've been dating for years. am i getting ahead of myself? maybe, but let's take a look at some of the lyrics...

    And all I've seen since eighteen hours ago Is green eyes and freckles and your smile

    um, hi. who has green eyes and gets freckles in the sun? alex milligan.

    I just wanna know you better, know you better, know you better now

    they just started dating at the time so they want to know more about each other

    and all my walls stood tall painted blue and i'll take them down, take them down and open up the door for you

    this picture from ione's old house was posted a few years ago. what color is the wall? blue. alex is singing from ione's perspective here - how she has these walls up and he just wants to help her bring them down

    taking a break from everything has changed, we know that many of the songs from red are about ione's relationship with oliver and i agree with that but we already know she met alex shortly after so maybe some songs are about him too. begin again? totally has ionelex vibes.

    I think it's strange that you think I'm funny 'cause he never did I've been spending the last eight months Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end But on a Wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin again

    who once said that laughter is sexy? alex milligan.
    who loves his coffee and has said he likes finding small cafes to relax in? alex. milligan.

    You start to talk about the movies that your family watches every single Christmas and I want to talk about that, and for the first time what's past is past

    sophie (alex's sister) posted a picture on instagram last xmas of their family making funny faces while they were all hanging out on the couch...doing what? WATCHING CHRISTMAS MOVIES.

    what about 1989, you ask? i think that i know places (ione singing about the sneaky paparazzi and not having privacy, the whole reason they had to hide their relationship in the first place) and wonderland (green eyes reference again and cheshire cat smile - maybe this was written when they were fighting because it's a bit more harsh)) alex's album x? photograph (most obvious one. long distance with their tours and schedules) tenerife sea (ione's eyes look blue sometimes so it could be to throw people off) and maybe even thinking out loud (omg imagine!) anyway, those are my theories! enjoyyyyy
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    me: being an ionelex stan is a lifestyle

    me: sexuality? ionelex

    me: *studying*
    brain: check ur phone
    me: no i am in srs mode i need to study
    brain: but what if ionelex became official?
    me: shit ur right fuck school ionelex is my education

    me: i want alex milligan to sleep with ione james more than i want alex milligan to sleep with me

    me: ok i'm glad alex and ione did an interview together but if they could release a sex tape get married have kids and invite me over to be their nanny that would be gr8 thanks

    tumblr: ionelex sighting & the tag explodes
    me: *dies a slow death only to come back to life to press the reblog button*

    mom: what are you thankful for this year?
    me: ionelex

    interviewer: what are some of your skills?
    me: i can sing everything has changed while crying because my otp is too perfect

    me before any event: but what if they hold hands or kiss on the red carpet

    me: i respect your decision to ship alex and ione with other people but you're wrong and i hate you
    Relatable for ionelex shippers