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okay so i know there's been a lot of talk about gia/ione/king che/alex in the gione tag so i figured it is my duty to enlighten everyone as to what exactly is happening. basically, ione, alex, gia & king che are all sleeping together. don't believe me? read on for the proof

what we know obviously:

ione & gia are friends
alex & king che are friends
ione & alex are dating
gia & king che are dating


well during coachella they all got a bit too close if u know what i mean. alex & ione were all over each other as you can see in the pictures here and gia & king che were looking like they're ready to just tear each other's clothes off as you can see in the pictures here but then things got complicated when gia & ione were seen kissing, pix here so i looked into things further and found some veryyyy interesting things.


• they are all sharing a house together. cozy, much? here are pics from shannon, gia's personal assistant & ben, alex's tour photographer. from the same house. suspect much? clearly we're starting the weekend of with a bang ;)

• ione and che are seen in a passionate argument and when the pictures were first released i thought maybe they were really mad at each other but if you check out the pictures here, ione is looking pretty touchy with him so i think it was more of a flirty fake argument or they just resolved whatever it is they were fighting about pretty quickly

• alex was spotted trying to run over che with a golf cart and again when we first saw the pictures they were pretty funny but now if you realize it was right after ione & che are seen flirting it's very possible that alex got jealous and even if it seems like he's joking he wants to make sure che knows that ione is HIS girlfriend. this got me confused bc if they're all banging obviously it should be okay for che & ione to flirt and whatever else they might do but i thought maybe this is them still trying to figure out how to make this 4way thing work

• all the while gia and che are still looking mighty cozy through the entire weekend and there's been a ton of proof documented everywhere so you can just search them up but i'll include a qt twitter account i found that mentioned them

• it seems like alex and che are over whatever was making them mad in the first place because they're hanging out with gia at g-eazy after che and gia were obv doing something verrrry naughty

• near the first night when we think all of the excitement of the day is over, ione and alex are caught getting hot n heavyyyyyy

• the next day che and alex are overheard by tumblr user harmonkween making innuendos about the sex that they are both clearly having. because they are under the same roof and they can all hear each other or are just doing it in the same room. or bed. l b r.

posted by harmonkween
"SPOTTED: alex milligan & king che standing in line for tacos. breaking news, che doesn’t like sour cream. or cilantro. apparently che can eat 12 tacos at once but his favorite is mexican. duh that’s what a taco .. oh. OH. che is a pervert & alex is turning red from laughing. they are high fiving like sexist pigs i … suddenly no longer need a taco"

• MY PERSONAL FAVORITE PART!!!! ione and gia are seen getting very close very quickly while dancing. check out the pic right over here that a fan snapped and i know it's blurry but you can also check out the zoomed in version here and they are DEEEEEEFINITELY kissing!!!!! this makes everyone happy so the internet goes cray for a hot minute.

• alex is spotted talking to gia's brother, elias. ummmm when did we see them ever talking before? NEVER. seems suspect to me that they'd become bffs if it wasn't for a more serious connection he has with gia that is separate from ione being friends with her

• at the end of all the ups and downs all 4 of them hang out together for sia's set so even with everything going on they got through it 2gether and look super cute while doing it

what made me go back and look at details was the pictures of gia and ione kissing. everything just kind of came together after that. a few people came to my asks to wonder about what i think the deal is with alex/king che and to that i don't really know. maybe they hook up too, maybe they just let their girls hook up, maybe they just swap girls, it's harder to tell with them because they have also been friends for a little while now and it's never seemed sexual but with this new coachella stuff i'm starting to read into everything. if more info becomes available, i'll update! xoxo



you thought the met gala would give us nothing? THINK AGAIN. not only did gia and king che step out as an official couple which made gia's tagged a hot mess, but we got a veryyyyyy interesting blind item from blind gossip that was very telling:

it's about ione & king che. but of course i can break it down for you also
- sparks are flying: ione has a song called sparks fly
- rather unlikely musical duo? HELLO!! ione is a country/popstar, king che is a literal king in the hip hop & rap community. two different worlds
- met for work obligations: MET for work obligations. MET gala.
- her boyfriend, who's even known the man for some time: alex & king che worked together on 'dark times' + are friends
- staying away is best for her image: she's got a lot of young girls looking up to her, rarely seen out partying, she's the good girl so having che in her life would disrupt that - a new chapter in her love story: it's a love story baby just say yesssss


on april 29th 2016, without their gfs (ione was in australia with zofia + gia was filming in new mexico) alex + che had a wiiiiild boys night out. no, forreal. check out the pictures from various social media accounts of king che's friends & a few others who were at the same club from their night (warning some nsfw!):

- going to add in a headline here something like "the girls are away so the boys will play"

need i say more?