@alexmilligan: trying to keep a low profile at lunch today. i think it's working.
I'm sorry but like!!!!

Alex messing up while presenting
“To be a singer/songwriter from England is to stand in the backg—the shadow of David Robert Jones...or as we’ve come to know him, David Bowie. Our next performer is going to pay t--, these glasses are doing wonders here. Our next performer is going to pay tribute to one of England’s greatest songwriters. With his personal friend and producer Nile Rodgers, here is Academy Award nominee, Lady Gaga.”


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INTERVIEWER: And who are your with this lovely evening?
ALEX: My dates have run off. Soph, Vico, come here!
[Incoherent talking until they make their way over]
SOPHIE: Woo woo, joining the party! I'm ready for my closeup.
ALEX: This is my sister, Sophie, and this guy over here needs no introduction.
VICO: I probably need an introduction, I didn't get invited to the Grammy's like fancypants over here.
SOPHIE: Why do I need an introduction? I'm Sophie fucking Milligan. Oh, shit! Am I allowed to swear? Can you bleep that out?
ALEX: Great job, now you're banned from the Grammy's.
INTERVIEWER: No, we like you!
ALEX: I made sure to have a whole crew here tonight.
VICO: What's our crew's name then?
SOPHIE: Milligan's Misfits.
INTERVIEWER: OHHH, that's a good one!
ALEX: Can we do an abbreviation with our names? But Owen is here somewhere. So is Ben. Theo, too. Okay let me think. A, V, S, O, B, T. Bostav. Bostav? Tavsob? Working title...
SOPHIE: My idea is better. You're welcome.
ALEX: If I win they'll cheer the loudest and if I lose they'll glare at everyone else who wins. All these people here, all around, they're all with me too. Just kidding. We're all winners. Something like that.
VICO: He's not kidding, actually. He plans on sabotaging everyone else if they win over him.
INTERVIEWER: So you're going to pull a Kanye, Alex?
ALEX:No, definitely not. We're going to try and keep some level of respect intact.
VICO: A respectful thief, that's Milligan.
SOPHIE: He stole lipstick of mine once and gave it to a girlfriend.
ALEX: Oh, come on! You were 9 and you didn't use it!
SOPHIE: Stealing is stealing, Alex. The people should know.
ALEX: See what I've got to deal with?
INTERVIEWER: Hey, we'd want to sit with you! You guys are fun. While we have you here, we need to ask...will you take a shot with us?
ALEX: Oh, hell yeah. Bring it on.
SOPHIE: Is this how all your interviews are? I could get used to this.
INTERVIEWER: [Hands out the shot glasses to each of them, turns around to grab the JD but Vico is one step ahead of him and he pours them all a drink with a flask that appears out of nowhere]
ALEX: [Dies of laughter]
SOPHIE: Vico, are you serious right now? [laughs]
VICO: You know, for the lulls in the show. Hey, mate, you want some of this? It's good stuff.
INTERVIEWER: Sure, let's have it! You've come prepared. Cheers, guys!
alexmybabe MET ALEX AT THE GRAMMY'S AND IS LEGENDARY. Gif is from the vine which can be found here.
alexsourcedaily: Alex Milligan arrives at the 2016 Grammy's

6 Times Alex Milligan's Mom Won Twitter


emilymilligan: @ohmyqueens Yes, Jenna! He was a very shy boy and then once he got his hands on his guitar he didn’t stop talking about all things music! xxxxx
emilymilligan: @alexsgirlthang That is a beautiful photo, Katie. I will be sure to show it to him. Thank you for being so sweet! xxxxxx
emilymilligan: @giiivemelove My goodness. You are very passionate, Tanya. xxoxoxox
emilymilligan: @paulaterman That is very sweet of you Paula. It's an old sweater of mine from before you were even born probably! xoxoxoxo
emilymilligan: @alexfansource Anna & Rachel! Hi girls. Thanks so much. Be well. xoxoxxx


coolmilligans: @sophmills what’s alex’s best quality
sophmills: @coolmilligans his ability to annoy me from anywhere in the world, it’s an art
alexmilligan: @sophiemills stop cyber bullying me
sophmills: @alexmilligan you gonna tell mum?
emilymilligan: @sophmills @alexmilligan I see you two!!
alexmilligan: @sophiemills shit
emilymilligan: @alexmilligan Oi language!! x
alexmilligan: @emilymilligan sh*t


emilymilligan: Oh no. I don't like when these girls cry. Not nice.
emilymilligan: They just want love and to be loved!
emilymilligan: This blonde opens her mouth a lot.
emilymilligan: This boy is very sweet, but also very simple.
emilymilligan: She's lying!!!! lying!!!!!!!
emilymilligan: So these girls are just locked in a house with nothing to do but think of Ben Ben Ben Ben of course they'll go absolutely mad
emilymilligan: Okay. I understand how you could get into this.


ALEX: Alright, what's next? Hit me.
JESSIE: This one comes from a lady we know as Emily, and you know as mum.
ALEX: Are you serious right now?
JESSIE: Oh, we are completely serious right now. @emilymilligan wants to know when the next time you're coming home.
ALEX: Oh my god. Of course she did.
JESSIE: It's very sweet, she cares! So, Alex. When are you going to give your mom a visit?
ALEX: Very soon, mum. Very soon. Promise. Miss you.
JESSIE: Awwwwwwww!


emilymilligan: Found the most exquisite chair today, matches the living room beautifully. It was the missing piece we needed!!
emilymilligan: I could shop for frames for the rest of my life. We keep this love in a photograph, right? Lol!
emilymilligan: What colour should we paint downstairs? Would love to hear your suggestions, you creative bunch.
emilymilligan: There is just something about antique furniture. So very classic.


emilymilligan: Ryan Gosling is really something nice to look at isn't he?

Alex Milligan makes a surprise appearance at Hoodie Allen's show in Los Angeles at The Fonda Theatre to perform their duet "All About It"

there's also another video of alex crowd surfing. act like a gentleman with ione james and crowdsurf with hoodie allen. ALEX MILLIGAN, LADIES & GENTS
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Milligan visiting The Glasgow School of Art on February 1st 2016

CHILDREN&THEARTS.ORG.UK: You've spoken out a lot about the necessity of different mediums in school. Can you talk a little more about that?
Alex Milligan: Of course. I just think that it can be so important to support different and unique interests and while on a basic level the schooling institution nurtures that it's almost like for more obscure job areas they just throw their hands up and say, well, this isn't the path we've got books for so we're going to steer you back on the right track. They were all out of 'Becoming a Musician 101' informational packets for me.

C&TA: When you say that you're referring to job positions in the arts, right?
AM: Exactly. We're told of becoming doctors, lawyers, accountants, professors, engineers. All amazing professions, but they're at least in the directory. What about the boy who just wants to be an artist? The girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina? The boy who'd like to be a pianist? It's an internal struggle to realize that the path you want to take is not a path that's even defined in the accredited institution you go to in order to further your education.

C&TA: So what happens then?
AM: You push past the notion that what you're doing is deviating and you do it anyway. Some kids won't ever push themselves that far because they feel like it's a lost cause and personally, I don't want them to feel like it's a lost cause. I travel on the notion that you've got to put your all into something before deciding it's not for you. When I decided to do the whole music thing people told me it was a waste of time, but I took everything I had and I put my all in to my music and I can tell you genuinely that I'd still be happy in the smallest of pubs playing my music. That's my happiness, whether 5 people or 15,000 people are listening.

C&TA: Somewhere there's an accountant who's dying to be a ballerina.
AM: There probably is.

C&TA: What would you say needs to be done?
AM: More resources to try out the artistic mediums, more school programs that are infused with the arts. There's a severe lack of funding and a disinterest in trying to figure it out. I'm working with some schools now and it's difficult because every higher up has their own higher up but at least some conversations are happening.

C&TA: Usually the problem becomes money. Go to school, get a proper job, make money instantly. Work on your craft, continue working on it, success isn't imminent and money tends to come later.
AM: You're right. Money is important for survival. You need a base salary of some sort that will bring in an income and allow you to live in a way that fits you best but you should be able to decide that. Sometimes you make sacrifices for that, a mate of my dad's went back to school to do something in radiology because where he was working wasn't helping to make ends meet for his family. That's brave. I'm talking more about options. There should be the information available and taught to at least explore all your options.

C&TA: Couldn't agree more. Thanks for talking to us, Alex.
AM: Thanks for having me.

@rachyrach: when u meet alex milligan + he tells you that he hearts u even more than the amount of hearts uve got on ur shirt #lad
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why alex milligan is a lyrical visionary

alex: it's alright to die cause death is the only thing you haven't tried but just for tonight hold on

alex: when my hair's all but gone and my memory fades and the crowds don't remember my name when my hands don't play the same strings the same way i know you will still love me the same

alex: friends should sleep in other beds and friends shouldn't kiss me like you do, and i know that there's a limit to everything but my friends won't love me like you

alex: i don't get waves of missing you anymore they're more like tsunami tides in my eyes

alex: you can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were sixteen next to your heartbeat where i should be keep it deep within your soul


@alexmilligan: i'm the jenga king and @owencollins never stands a chance