Alex Milligan & Vico Rhys enjoy a boys night out
PUBLISHED: 16:52 GMT, 28 December 2015 | UPDATED: 18:00 GMT, 28 December 2015

Alex Milligan made the most of his return to London by hanging out with Walking Shadows frontman Vico Rhys at Fu Manchu Bar on Sunday Evening.

The duo entered the club at 9:30 PM ready to party as drinks were ordered right away. DJ Tricks, a friend of both Milligan and Rhys, was performing a set. The boys are no strangers to having those nights out but we haven't seen it happen in quite a while. An insider who was partying there as well claimed they were "definitely sloshed" which was obvious with the way they were acting, laughing loudly, and dancing. Our insider also claims they got some attention from a few people who managed to make their way over to the boys to hang out with them and take some photos.

While the 26 year old lead singer of Walking Shadows has remained unattached and likes to go out and mingle, the 27 year old crooner has been famously linked to Ione James for the past few months and it's very much confirmed without verbal confirmation that the two are definitely a couple. Where was Ione last night, we wonder. A few sources have reported spotting Ione around London but there has been no conclusive evidence yet. Trouble in paradise? Hopefully not with New Year parties coming up.

Check out the EXCLUSIVE video of part of the encounter below only available on Dailymail. Although the lights are flashing and the video is somewhat blurry, the footage shows Alex and Vico with drinks in hand surrounded by people who are enjoying the music. Eventually it cuts to them talking to a mystery blonde who invites her friends to make their way over. After a few more minutes the new friends chat animatedly and then the video cuts to some shots of DJ Tricks before phasing out. Hopefully there was no funny business going on, tsk tsk Alex! Don't make your girl write an angry song about you just yet!

We did happen to catch up with Alex & Vico as they were leaving the venue at around 12:00 AM and although they dodged most of our questions in favour of talking to each other and trying to start up random conversations with the photographers, after some comments were made towards Vico and Alex was pressed for information about his relationship with Ione it seems Vico decided to stir things up. He yelled out, "Oi, you want some action?" And grabbed at Alex's private parts while flipping off the camera. Alex responded with a laugh and immediately headed into the car. Erm...that's one way to get loved-up. Don't believe us? Check the photos. Hey, whatever floats your boat boys.