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full name alexander dominic milligan date of birth october 6th 1988 occupation musician born + raised wokingham, berkshire residence london + new york family emily milligan (mother), thomas milligan (father), james milligan (brother) & sophie milligan (sister)
÷ (2017)
× (2014)
+ (2011)

general facts
- Usually picks up random hobbies, mostly when he's on the road. He has perfected his Rubiks Cube skills, embarrassed everyone while he yo-yoed and will still pick up his skateboard and ride around every now and then.

- Loves anything that has to do with space.

- Favorite movies: Back To The Future & Almost Famous.

- Ridiculous workaholic and multitasker with his career life. He's working on it.

- His best friend from High School, Owen, is part of his tour crew.

- Self-taught with all the instruments he plays.

- Often has a little notebook handy with him in case lyric inspiration strikes up.

- Got his first tattoo on his forearm in October 2016.

- Tends to injure the same spot on his eyebrow when he gets hurt in that area, has a bit of a permanent scar there.

- Can be described as an introverted extrovert.

- Still has a groupchat going with his friends from back home so they can all keep each other updated.

notable events
- Got into a car accident & was hospitalized in Mumbai in November 2017. Within just a few hours of word getting out, TMZ ran a story that hinted at certain vices being the cause of it. A statement was released on his behalf from his team denying allegations and biting into the gossip site, especially as blood alcohol levels were released. Alex later spoke about the incident in an Apple Music interview to tell the true story, that he fell asleep at the wheel due to exhaustion & overexerting himself. Discussed his mindset and claimed he would "never get to that point again."

- Performed "Wild Thoughts with DJ Khaled in September. Fanboyed about it for days after the fact.

- In July 2017 an old video surfaced of a party which included Alex looking disoriented with a small baggy of pills. He remained silent on the matter, raising more questions. A few people on Twitter made cryptic remarks about the incident, allowing some social media users to see that silence as guilt. After his old manager did an interview trashing him for a good portion of it, Alex referenced the whole thing at a concert by stating that the video was in the past, going on a bit of a rant without naming names as the subject matter was very obvious and concluding that whole thing by performing "I Don't Fuck With You" very much pointed towards his old manager.

- Filmed a travel show a la Travel Man/Idiot Abroad/Parts Unknown during the summer of 2016 where he went to different parts of the world to experience the musical culture of each place.

- Has a history of being on/off/are they or aren't they with Ione James in the media + in life.

- Dated a girl not in the entertainment industry, Gemma Weaver, for a few months. Broke up in March 2017.

- Went to the Game of Thrones set as a surprise for Maisie Williams and ended up actually guest starring after he and some of the cast went out and a semi drunken plan was put into motion. Doesn't even watch the show.

- Very into studio collaborations & songwriting for other artists. Has written songs for One Direction, Jessie Ware, Tori Kelly, Justin Bieber & Zara Larsson to name a few.

- Used to perform impromptu shows on the street back when not that many people knew who he was.