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Weekly update February 25, 2016
20 Times Ione James and Alex Milligan were the definition of #goals
After the BRIT'S where these two were just showing off how much they love each other we wanted to show you all the cute moments that happened before they were even in a relationship!
World Jizzes Over Boring White Couple, I’m Not Surprised
"I wasn't trying to start anything, it was just a joke. But FYI, sending endless tweets about how young I look won't suddenly lower my age. #23 #jimmyeatworld," Gia Alvarez sent out in a series of tweets after the season premiere of Stepp Your Game Up. She's in hot water with Jenner fans...
Ione James Spotted Getting Handsy With Confirmed BF Alex Milligan at Brit Awards Afterparty
Hollywood Life
There has always been an unspoken competition between Rachele Stepp and Kris Kardashian for ultimate reality TV matriarch. While Kris made the most of an undesirable situation, the Stepp children were established in their careers when Stepp Your Game Up began in the summer of...
Ione James Is Tired Of Finding Boyfriends, Makes Guy Friend Alex Milligan Date Her Instead
Seems more and more people in Hollywood are starting to call out the inappropriate relationship between 25-year-old rapper Tyga and 17-year-old reality star Kylie Jenner, who are even rumored to be engaged. Stepp Your Game Up's Gia Alvarez has joined Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj in...
O M G! Our Fav Musicians Are Totally A Couple!
23-year-old actress Gia Alvarez was seen all over Governors Ball this weekend after wrapping on 'Nerve' last week. On Sunday night she and some friends watched headliners Black Water Bayou close the festival and Alvarez got a shout out from 33-year-old singer Paul Hyman before their...
Alex Milligan Finally Makes It Out of the Friendzone
Just Jared
The "Stepp Your Game Up" stars celebrated the show's upcoming season premiere by attending the New York City music festival, where they enjoyed sets from Rae Sremmurd, Chromeo, and Ryan Adams. Of course, they made sure to see Raph's set on Friday before making their way to...
PHOTO: See Ione James and Alex Milligan acting totally in love during the Brit Awards!
PEOPLE has confirmed that Bela Alvarez is now the top choice with E! executives to replace Kelly Osborne. Alvarez, 26, is not a stranger to red carpet commentary, as she did a stint on E! News from 2013-14. She even joined Rancic and Osbourne for their fashion panel during E!'s Oscars...
Ione James and Alex Milligan Make Their Red Carpet Debut as a Couple at the BRITS
Daily Mail
Actress Gia Alvarez announced on Instagram that filming has wrapped on YA thriller Nerve. "Last day shooting with these losers," Alvarez captioned a photo of co-star Dave Franco and directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (brother of Catfish's Nev, who joined them on set on Thursday)...
Clippers' Griffin, Stepp and Jordan read mean tweets on 'Jimmy Kimmel'
Los Angeles Times
Being an NBA player isn't all glamor and glitz. The spotlight also comes with some negatives, such being torn apart on social media. On a recent episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," some players read mean tweets they've received. Clippers stars Blake Griffin, Carson Stepp and...
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