You once told me that you couldn’t imagine me writing you a letter, which definitely got to me at the time more than it should’ve because the funny thing is I have been trying to write you an all encompassing letter for months. Apparently, my words only work on command when set to write a song because it was tough to come by. Not for a lack of words, because trust me, they were all in my mind and they were running about excitedly but for a lack of not knowing how to put them all together properly but I think there’s a newfound beauty and excitement in allowing the words to scatter around, allowing the words to just come out as they may without censoring. So that’s what I’m going to be doing for you in this letter. Here are the thoughts that are coming out from me, thinking about you and us, no editing needed.

When I was 8, this girl in my school named Willa decided that I was going to be her husband ??

Remember how we spoke about those almost moments? How in the past, on tour specifically, there were almost moments where if we had looked at each other a few minutes longer, or leaned in a little bit closer, or our bodies bumped into each other a couple too many times, something might have happened? I remember this one night,