nicholas winston sykes musician + singer-songwriter

1 march 1993 (24)
born & raised in chilwell, nottinghamshire
lives in new york city
wikipedia Nicholas Winston Sykes (born March 1st 1993) is an English singer-songwriter, best known for his hit single Budapest, which reached the top ten in several countries around the world. Sykes's debut album, Wanted on Voyage, was released in 2014 and became the third best selling album of that year, with over a million copies sold.
early life
Sykes was born in Chilwell, a suburb outside of Nottingham, in England. He attended The Lanes Primary School, and then Chilwell School and Sixth Form. His mother was a nurse and his father was in the army, both are now retired. He is one of seven siblings, all of whom are older than he is. Sykes stated in a 2017 interview with Dork magazine that he has very little contact with his immediate family. He still considers one of his classmates from school to be his best friend, and reveals that he was "kind of adopted" by that family instead.

When he left school, he declined a place at university and went travelling instead. The year spent travelling inspired his debut album.
musical style and career
Sykes cites Bruce Springsteen and Woody Guthrie as his main musical influences, and regularly covers Bob Dylan songs. Zane Lowe, a former BBC Radio 1 DJ, called him "one of the most compelling and powerful new vocalists around."

During his travels, Sykes uploaded a song he had written to BBC Introducing, at the recommendation of someone he was travelling with. When he came back to the UK in 2012, he found the contact of someone offering to be his manager and began playing small open mic shows around the country. That led to an offer to play the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury 2013, and a record deal with Columbia.

Sykes released his debut album, Wanted on Voyage, in June 2014. It entered the charts at number three, and hit number one in October 2014. He was nominated for four BRIT Awards in February 2015, but didn't win in any category. In 2015, he opened for Sam Smith on his North American tour, and then played the support slot for Hozier. He appeared on Saturday Night Live in 2015, and toured the US for most of that year.

On the 3rd April 2017 Sykes released a new single, Don't Matter Now, and played some tour dates around the UK. The album is expected in early 2018.
personal relationships
thomas • father. 58. dob june 8 1959. construction manager. lives in wokingham.
emily • mother. 56. dob april 22 1961. primary school teacher. lives in wokingham.
james • brother. 32. dob april 14 1986. doctor. lives in leicester.
sophie • sister. 23. january 25 ?. university graduate, job hunting.

tour crew
theo & bull; manager. 41. dob may 18 1976.
owen • tour diary videographer. 29. dob august 3 1988. best friend from high school.
ben • photographer. 31. dob january 5 1986.
mike • guitar tech. 52. dob november 17 1964.
and more recently:
mava szalinski, fiancee, 24; zev szalinski, manager, 56; ashley slater, publicist, 32; fabio de oliveira, drummer; david klinke, guitarist; cam blackwood, producer
notable public events
Was involved in a car accident in Mumbai, India on November 19th 2017 after a show. While the claims were initially that he partied too much because there was evidence of him being out beforehand, his blood alcohol level that was released to the public showed that he was well under the legal limit. The real reason for it? Genuine exhaustion and losing control of the wheel because of it.
Went through a fairly messy period in ? (post-Ione breakup) In ? a video of Alex from the past was released anonymously and caused quite a bit of controversy: The video showed him going from excited to drowsy, stumbling, and then a shot of a baggy of pills in his hand that he put into his pocket. Alex has never spoken in an interview about these events, though his former manager did a radio interview to trash him during this time. Alex responded to the video in a vague sense via a note posted on his Instagram and he responded to his former manager with a monologue at hid concert that did not mention his name but rather "people who can't help but bring you up just so they can to bring you down" followed by a cover of I don't fuck with you.
miscellaneous information
ISTP, Pisces, consistently "sorted" Gryffindor if that can say anything about a person.
Upon announcing that he was going travelling instead of to university in 2011, Nico was kicked out of his childhood home. Familial relations are strained.
Moved to New York in August 2015. Acquired permanent US residency in January 2016.
Stands at 6'4"; is definitely aware of the big nose thank you; the development of the 'big voice' for which he's known was a weird day of puberty and sounds nice when singing but is a tad monotonous when he's speaking in normal conversation.
Deathly allergic to fish. He's had severe reactions twice in his life, once when he was four and once in July 2015 on tour in France. Carries an epi-pen with him at all times. Or, you know, most times.
DISCOGRAPHY (as nico sykes) (2018) UNTITLED SECOND ALBUM tracklist tbd (2017) DON'T MATTER NOW SINGLE Don't Matter Now • Don't Matter Now (acoustic|) (2016) WE'RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT (soundtrack to the television adaptation) Me & You (2014) WANTED ON VOYAGE Blame It On MeBudapestCassy O'BarcelonaListen to the ManLeaving It Up to YouDid You Hear the Rain? • Drawing Board • Stand by Your Gun • Breakaway • Over the Creek • Spectacular Rival
Song 6 • It's Just My Skin • Da Vinci Riot Police • Blind Man in Amsterdam
(2014) CASSY O EP Cassy O' • Get Lonely With Me • Over the Creek • Coat of Armour • Budapest (live from stockholm) (2013) DID YOU HEAR THE RAIN EP Budapest • Did You Hear the Rain? • Benjamin Twine • Angry Hill