alexander dominic milligan
age + dob 29 + october 6, 1988 birthplace wokingham, berkshire residence london, england occupation singer & songwriter

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent
Passion is something that managed to become of great importance in the Milligan household. "Whatever you do, do it with all the love in your heart" his mother would tell him this, even as a young boy who just wanted some snacks and to run outside and play with his friends. They made sure their kids knew that acceptance was key. The household was that of a loving, supportive and nurturing one but Alex was always a quiet boy. He had a group of core friends but also enjoyed staying in, writing lyrics and reading books. He was quick to idolize musicians who could hold a beautiful tune while singing live, and the moment he was given his first guitar his parents knew they were signing themselves up for some trouble. To what degree, they would never fully realize until years later.

He found practically everything he needed in music. It evoked strong emotions and truly made him feel alive. Although he was too young to be working at one of the local pubs that were well known for their open mic nights, he managed to get a deal going: he'd do the filthy, unwanted jobs in order to get a spot in the lineup. He made some cash and was able to do what he loved with older, more experienced people. Some filled with good luck and happy stories, others who had beautiful voices but never quite made it in the industry. Despite seeing the good and the bad, he knew this was something he had to do. Something he wanted to do.

In the middle of attending sixth form, Alex told his parents he wasn't going to continue on. While his father was furious, his mother was the voice of reason and tried to remain positive about her son's choices even though she was nervous about it. After touring around England, he made his way to Los Angeles for a while. He had never been to the city before but they knew that was somewhere they had to experience so they could truly understand what exactly the vibe felt like of a place they deemed to be magical. Although it was unfamiliar and slightly scary territory, he stuck it out for a few months. He may not have gotten discovered, but he didn't expect to be. He just wanted to explore and play music. The stay in Los Angeles gave him a newfound drive to keep on going so that he could one day return to California as someone who was more accomplished and ready. He released an EP, made musical connections and attended some fun parties but he knew he had to get even more serious. He had to become a go-getter.

Returning back home just to collect his things, he started touring - playing 312 gigs around the UK, truly putting himself out there and making opportunities happen as opposed to waiting for them to happen. He might not have been on the cover of magazines or drowned in riches, but as he would always claim, that was never what it was about. He was always happy with a guitar, a small venue with a couple of fans who really loved his music and appreciated what he was doing and songs that came from the heart.

While he may not have had a label, the passion and drive was still strong and so he kept on doing what he did best. That eventually led to opening on a tour for a local rapper. 2010 was the year of making big moves, as his Loose Change EP was released and managed to gain some recognition that he never though remotely possible for someone who didn't even have a proper record label representing him. A year later, he was signed to Asylum/Atlantic Records, appeared on Jools Holland to perform "The A Team" and then it all truly expanded from there.

From being just a self proclaimed odditiy and regular guy, there were thousands of new social media followers, tons of people who were anxiously awaiting live concerts in bigger venues, and various opportunities to be taken. He spent a lot of time in Los Angeles, going over logistics, and feeling very much like a small fish in a gigantic pond. The city had moments of getting the best of him, but he kept on going. Always incredibly thankful and grateful for every ounce of success that comes his way, he has since released a few more EPs and studio albums, worked with various artists and has been able to see parts of the world he thought he'd only see in films and television. Despite all the new perks, he still regards himself to be that ridiculous boy from The UK just doing what he loves. No amount of recognition could ever change that.

STUDIO ALBUMS ÷ (2017) eraser
castle on the hill
shape of you
galway girl
new man
hearts don't break around here
what do i know?
how would you feel (paean)
supermarket flowers

x (2014) one
i'm a mess
tenerife sea
the man
thinking out loud
afire love

Take It Back (deluxe edition bonus track)
Shirtsleeves (deluxe edition bonus track)
Even My Dad Does Sometimes (deluxe edition bonus track)
I See Fire (deluxe edition bonus track)
All Of The Stars (deluxe edition bonus track)

English Rose (wembley edition bonus track)
Touch And Go (wembley edition bonus track)
New York (wembley edition bonus track)
Make It Rain (wembley edition bonus track)
Lay It All On Me (wembley edition bonus track)

+ (2011) The A Team
Grade 8
Wake Me Up
Small Bump
The City
Lego House
You Need Me, I Don't Need You
Kiss Me
Give Me Love

The Parting Glass (Hidden Track)
Autumn Leaves (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Little Bird (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Gold Rush (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Sunburn (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
• enfp + infp depending on the day. an "introverted extrovert." though he is able to adapt to most situations easily in order to showcase his upbeat personality, there are a few moments that come out of nowhere where he sinks down into the shy, quiet kid he once was and just needs a moment to himself to get it together.

• @alexmilligan: twitter & instagram

• has a small scar through the side of one of his eyebrows that is a result of a bike race gone wrong when he was a kid. it has never completely healed and he continues to injure that same spot every few months.

• has a very hard time saying no to business inquiries which resulted in a week where he was traveling to a new place every day.

• used to do a small, surprise show at least every week. now that things have gotten significantly busier he doesn't do those quite as often but still makes it happen when he can.

• carries around a notebook everywhere he goes just in case song inspiration decides to pop up at a random moment.

• some of his fans have come up with the names millifam, millifans, milligang and milligals/milliguys to call themselves.

• favorite types of physical activity include hiking & running.

family & friends
thomas • father • 58
born june 8 1959. lives in wokingham. construction manager.

emily • mother • 56
born april 22 1961. lives in wokingham. primary school teacher.

james • brother • 32
born april 14 1986. lives in leicester. doctor. married to alice, a nutritionist. has a 3 year old son, liam & newborn (born feb 29 2016), aidan.

sophie • sister • 22
born january 24 1995. attended st. andrews university in art history.

theo • manager • 41
born may 18 1976. the grounded voice alex tends to need. looks out for his best interests but doesn't sugar coat anything and will always be honest. rarely seen not checking his emails.

owen • videographer • 29
born aug 3 1988. alex's best friend from high school. main tour crew.

ben • photographer • 31
born jan 5 1986. main tour crew.

mike • guitar tech • 52
born nov 17 1964. main tour crew.